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Stamp Out

A broad spectrum cleaner, Stamp Out is not only completely odorless and non-toxic, but safe for use on all surfaces. Neither corrosive nor staining, Stamp Out is an ideal way to clean glass, fabric, metal, plastic, stone, and wood, and the unique formulation makes it effective, safe, and versatile.

Cleaning Elevator
Cleaning Tables
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Our company represents a range of advanced bio-fertilizer solutions which enhance nutrient absorption and increases drought resistance. Our scientifically proven products build vital systems in the soil structure making for a healthier growing environment. Containing biological compounds and activators, our products promote bio-stimulation for plant growth as well as nutrient availability and uptake for long term sustainability.

Organic Farmer
Examining the Crops
Working in the Garden
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Flocculant Agents

We provide performance flocculants to the international gold mining industry, enabling efficient gold residue extraction while providing the benefit of low dosages, easy handling and cost-effective shipment. Our product is easy to apply to your process stream.

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Food Security

Can-America manufactures and distributes an advanced and versatile agricultural produce wash for a wide range of crop species. Fruit, vegetable, and coffee dealers can all benefit tremendously from our technology.

Image by James Yarema
Raw Vegetables
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Water Treatment

Our high-performance chemical treatment products and additives perform in even the most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments, improving productivity, optimizing performance, and reducing equipment life-cycle costs. 

Large Water Container
Sewage Treatment Plant
Heating boiler
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Effervescent Cleaning Tablets

Tablets when, dissolved in water, create an incredibly effective alcohol and chlorine free cleaner. Each type is a unique formulation, with orange pills for fruit and vegetable wash, green pills for a surface and equipment cleansing, and blue pills for an all-purpose cleaner.

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Closeup of old staff hand using wet wipe cleaning an elevator push button control panel wi
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About Us

Headquartered in Manitoba, Canada, our business has been operating for the past 15 years, and is at the forefront of advanced chemical disinfectant and treatment technologies. Not only do we research and develop our own proprietary products, but have the experience to ensure prompt, affordable, and eco-friendly service, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

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